Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Dialog Gaming Game Hero Portal?

Dialog Gaming Game Hero is a subscription based game portal that offers on-going game tournament(s)/contest(s). The subscription fee for Dialog Gaming Game Hero is at Rs. 5+ Tax per day. Dialog Gaming Game Hero hosts games tournament(s) and is open to all Dialog subscribers for participation. All game tournament(s) provides exciting prizes and the prizes of each game tournament/contest is displayed in

2. What is the Dialog Gaming Game Hero app?

The Dialog Gaming Game Hero app is an app that contains the current tournament (Flare Blitz) and a library of online games (HTML5). The app is free and customers must subscribe to game tournaments and download the game to play and participate in the tournament. The main intention of this app is to revive past titles and give users the opportunity to play old titles and still stand a chance to win cash prizes.

3. Game Tournament(s) / Contest(s)

The Dialog Gaming Game Hero app will host the main tournament and revive titles of previously hosted game tournaments throughout the year, where the duration of each tournament will be displayed on For each tournament, the main game title will be released as the tournament game, along with past titles. Subscribers of Dialog Gaming Game Hero can download and play the game to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard in order to win the offered prizes. Prizes may differ from one game tournament to the next.

4. How do I subscribe to the Dialog Gaming Game Hero portal?

There are 3 ways to subscribe to Dialog Gaming Game Hero. Subscription can be via:

• Dialog Gaming Game Hero app
• Game application

5. How do I participate in the game tournament?

Dialog Gaming Game Hero will announce a game title for each tournament. To participate, a subscriber is required to do the following:

• Download the Dialog Gaming Game Hero app
• Subscribe to the game title announced for the tournament and subscribe to the past reviving titles if you wish you play them
• Play the game and upload your score
• Maintain an active subscription for the entire campaign period

6. Can I change my username on the leaderboard?

Your username can only be set once, upon submitting your score for the first time.

7. Can I upload my score to the leaderboard if I haven’t subscribed to Dialog Gaming Game Hero?

No, if you are not a subscriber, you will be unable to upload your score.

8. How can I become a Dialog Gaming Game Hero subscriber?

You must be a registered Dialog postpaid or prepaid customer in order to join the tournament.

9. When does the tournament start?

The present tournament is from 12.01pm, 1st June 2022 until 12.00 pm 30th Sep 2022 ("Tournament Period"). All entries received outside the tournament period shall be automatically disqualified.

10. What are the prizes for this tournament?

Grand and Consolation prizes for the main tournament

Ranking Prizes (LKR) No. of winner(s)
1 Cash LKR 50,000 1
2 Cash LKR 40,000 1
3 Cash LKR 30,000 1
4 - 10 Cash LKR 15,000 7

11. Further feedback and queries

For all feedback and queries, please e-mail us at or drop a message in the feedback box in the portal and game. We will reply within 24 hours on working days.